Holden Laboratory


Juvenile Fox
Santa Cruz Island Juvenile Fox. (P. A. Holden)


Professor Holden can chair Ph.D. committees at UCSB in either the Bren School (https://bren.ucsb.edu/), the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program of Marine Science (IGPMS, https://www.igpms.ucsb.edu/), the Department of Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology (EEMB, https://www.eemb.ucsb.edu/), the Department of Earth Science (http://www.geol.ucsb.edu/), or the Mechanical Engineering Department (https://me.ucsb.edu/).

Consult the department websites about Ph.D. program details: learn what is required and expected of doctoral students, and inquire directly with the programs, and with your prospective advisor, before you apply. 

Applicants should have demonstrated research experience, strong academic records, excellent communication skills, and goals that are aligned with Holden Lab research opportunities.

Applicants should apply only if they are highly oriented towards research, willing to work independently and take initiative, able to work  collegially with academic advisors, and are constructive within a lab group and the University setting.



The Postdoctoral (Associate Specialist level) position previously advertised in the area of microbiological water quality is now closed. No other positions are open.